Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The RMfashionary Clothing Line

Even before I went to fashion school, it was always a dream of mine to have my own fashion label.
Don't let the stereotype fool you though, I may have gone to fashion school but I've never even learned how to stitch a hem. Between you and me, my husband sews on my fallen buttons. There you have it folks, reasons why I blog and don't sew.

An official clothing and shoe line is something I would like to invest my time in, in the new future. In the meanwhile I have started dabbling on the design side of things, while attempting to use the right fabrics and getting someone more masterful than myself to bring my designs to life.

Here's what came of the first attempt, the RMfashionary track suit:

(If the image appears blur due to the high resolution quality, click on it to see it clearly.)

Shoes: Melissa's at Stuttafords

What do you think? With the right feedback I will begin putting some designs into production, which will be available to purchase in limited quantities.

Fingers crossed, this may be the start of something exciting.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Puffer Jackets

The puffer jacket alongside pink, velvet and trumpet sleeves is one of the biggest trends of this season. A some-what utility jacket, generally used for the most practical reasons like keeping warm  -owing to all the fabric padding, is now more than that. It’s trending.

Filtering down from runway shows like DKNY, Balenciaga and Stella McCartney to South African retailers; here is the list of places for you to get your puffer fix at bargain worthy prices:

1)   TopShop - R1499 

2)   H&M – R899

3)   Mr. Price – R249

4)   Zando – R1099

5)   Cotton On – R674

The key to the puffer jacket trend is that it should be OVERSIZED. After all my shopping research I opted for the bubblegum pink puffer from Cotton On. Mainly because my goal was to achieve a marshmallow chic look. :p

(Click on the image to see it clearly if it appears blur due to the large size/high resolution quality.)

A word to the penny wise shopper; all puffers at Cotton On are on sale at 25% off - amongst other things like the knit and beanie I am wearing below.

There are longer length puffers available at Cotton On as well but they aren’t as padded which make them less exaggerative.  The shorter ones come in a range of colours like green, navy and black. 

Happy shopping!

Photography by Ahmed Moola

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How to Achieve Your Full Beauty Look on a Budget:

'essence' cosmetics had always been one of my go to brands when I was a student because it was affordable. In fact, I still use their products now. The products are available at all Clicks stores and are the best dupes for make-up brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown that would otherwise put a hole through your pocket.

If you’re a make-up beginner (you've been watching make up bloggers apply fancy things like fixers and correctors to their faces, wanting to test it yourself) or if you'd just like to save a buck or two; buy these essence products.

Below is my go-to beginners list of make-up essentials that you should be using. The total cost of all the products mentioned below is, wait for it, R670! That could easily be the price of just one foundation from Chanel.

1) Concealer - Soft Touch Mousse R65
If you're like me and you want to hide you under eye dark circles or any unwanted blemishes, the essence cream concealer is exactly what you need.

2) Foundation - Stay all day long 16h long lasting make up - R85
I only ever use liquid foundation, my make-up lecturer used to tell us 'newbies' that liquid foundation is much better on younger skin. A powder foundation tends to be used on people with more mature skins.

3) Lipstick - matt matt matt lipgloss 05 simply be an icon -R50

Lately with the popularity of Huda Beauty liquid matte lipsticks and Kylie Jenner Liquid matte lip kits, I am always on the prowl for good dupes. Alas! The matt matt matt lipgloss is just that.

4) Eyeshadow - All about eyeshadow palette R90

I never buy single eyeshadows, I much rather prefer eyeshadow palettes because you can have fun with mixing and matching different combinations of colour on your eyes. I especially prefer an affordable palette like this one that's extreme value for money.

5) Blush - Cinnamon Ball R65

I go through phases with make-up essentials, before I'd never leave the house without Mascara and now I refuse to leave the house without a bit of rouge. I love the colour effect this blush has.

6) Fix Spray - R65

This isn't necessary for day to day make up but for events it works wonders for keeping your make up on that much longer. Spray a puff of it onto your face after you're done with your full make-up look.

7) Mascara - Rock 'n Doll R60

There are very few Mascaras that I feel give my lashes the added volume that it needs. The Balm 'Cheater' mascara from Stuttafords priced at a few hundred more than the essence one is on par in terms of giving off the dramatic lash effect that I love.

8) Eyeliner - 04 nighttime in the jungle - R45

What's better than an eyeliner that’s long-lasting and waterproof? Not much.

9) Brow pen - make me brow pen R55

This is probably the coolest product from the essence pack. The powder brow pen has a soft brow brush at its tip, for that delicate natural brow look that a pencil won't create.

10) Highlighter/Contour - light up your face luminizer palette 10 ready, set glow R90

This palette is such a treat because it comes with different shades of luminizer's for all skin types. I actually use the darkest colour to contour and create a 3-D effect with my highlighter.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Metanoia - I have been throwing this word around my social media ever since I discovered it. Metanoia (n) meaning the journey of changing ones mind, heart, self or way of life.

Last week I took leave from work and while I had a moment to de-clutter my thoughts I started asking myself why?

Why am I not blogging as much as I want to?
Why am I not experiencing what I want to?
Why does the word ‘later’ exist in my vocabulary?

Each time I came up with a pathetic answer like ‘I don’t know’ or ‘because I’m lazy’ I began to become more upset with myself. I am not blogging as much as I should because I am not prioritizing what I love. I am not experiencing what I want to because I am not seeing myself as important. The word later should never exist in my vocabulary because the time is now.

I will be sharing my metanoia – my positive journey of change with you all through my blog and I hope that you will join me.

My 30 day positivity challenge: (adapted from an online source on Pinterest)
1) Don’t text, call
2) Compliment someone new
3) De-clutter your digital life
4) No complaint day
5) Identify 3 to 6 main priorities
6) Follow a morning ritual
7) Streamline your reading list
8) Learn to enjoy solitude
9) Downsize your beauty collection
10) No email or social media until lunch
11) Evaluate your commitments
12) Define your goals for the year – let go of one
13) Take a step towards learning a new skill
14) Give away a pair of shoes 
15) Smile to yourself about everything you’re grateful for, after every hour
16) Don’t buy anything for 24 hours
17) Practice single tasking (this is a hard one)
18) Unfollow or unfriend
19) Go for a walk and practice mindfulness
20) No TV all day, read instead
21) Journal for twenty minutes
22) Create a relaxing bedtime routine
23) Take out your clothes the night before, for the next day
24) Go bare faced
25) Practice gratitude
26) Plan a day doing everything you have been putting off
27) Turn off all notifications
28) Evaluate your last five purchases
29) Clean out your closet by asking yourself if “I were shopping now would I buy this?”
30) Figure out how to let go of one thing that stresses you out. Let go

Let the 30 days begin. You don’t have to start the challenge in order or do the challenge consecutively; in fact I started with number 26 last week. I planned a day doing everything I have been putting off, with my hubby.

We adventured all around Johannesburg:
  • Trying a new restaurant - Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar in Melville. The food was amazing!
  • Taking pictures around the city near Newtown Junction and in Melville

  • Visiting new art galleries like Art It Is

  • Ending the day off trying something sweet at Marble Restaurant. We had the chocolate tart.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

icherryefresh Earrings:

I feel so inspired when I see creative individuals thriving in the South African Fashion industry. The brand awareness challenges faced by these entrepreneurs, mean that they need money to advertise their product. The catch 22 is that without advertising it gets hard to make money. The ripple effect is that not enough young South African talent gets recognised.

My goal is to advertise small start up brands and brands that I feel deserve the credit through my personal online platforms like social media and blogging. I aim to empower women like Siyabonga Ngwenya who is the founder of the plus size blog and jewellery brand icherryefresh.

Siya sells extra-long beaded earrings that are such a wonderful pop to any outfit! The statement lengths vary between shoulder length like the white 'Nomahlubi' to the pink 'Zuzi' earrings featured in this post.

Place orders via  the Facebook page: icherryefresh and instagram handle: icherryefresh
Prices: From R50

'Zuzi' - R150

'Nomahlubi'  - Made in honour of Siya's mother who passed away last year October.
'Nomahlubi' R120

There will only be 16 pairs made in total, 10 of which are still available for purchase. I received this pair with a special note hand written by Siya that read: 

Thank you for choosing these earrings I made in honour of my mother Nomahlubi who passed away on the 30th of October 2016. Like her, they represent light, strength, resilience and beauty. I've only made a few pairs because like her, they are one of a kind. I pray they bring love and light to you. Love Siyabonga."

I love the earrings and I'd definitely suggest getting a pair if you're a jewellery junkie.


Top: SiSi
Trosuer: Zara
Heels: Cotton On

Sunday, March 19, 2017

RMfashionary: The Inspiration Behind the Name

My blog name isn’t a common word you would ever come across on a normal day, the inspiration behind the name came from my husband. I thought it would be nice to share the story of how RMfashionary was born so that you can relate to it a bit more.

I have always loved dressing when I was growing up which is where my true love for fashion started. Although, I can’t take all the credit because when my husband Ahmed– who was my boyfriend at the time – came into my life, he accelerated my love for fashion even more.

When I was 17 Ahmed took me to my first South African Fashion Week. When I started looking at places to study during my senior years of high school, Ahmed suggested I attend a fashion school by the name of LISOF to exploit my full talent. In 2013 during my first three months at LISOF Ahmed gifted me my very first Fashionary entirely made by him.

What is a Fashionary? If you don’t already know, it is a diary of all your fashion designs and fashion inspo. It comes equipped with silhouettes of fashion models to sketch your designs on and a dictionary of fashion garment terms. In this special case it also included a dictionary of inspiration of all the best fashion designers and bloggers for me to take note of, Ahmed had researched and bound it all just for me. It was one of my favourite gifts that I had ever received, labelled in bold on the front of the book was RMfashionary. ‘R’ which stands for Ranaa and ‘M’ which stands for Moola – Ahmed’s surname.

A few months later after a heap of inspiration from being at fashion school and using the Fashionary I decided to start my blog and to me the name was an obvious choice from the get go. 

RMfashionary – a guide to everything fashion and lifestyle that inspires me.

We decided to do a photo booth bit strip inspired shoot to go with the story of RMfashionary. 

Here it is: Ahmed Moola and I.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Falke Feet:

The rise of funky socks is a street style statement that you can’t miss. It’s become so common to see people wearing a bright or intensely printed sock with a neutral or fun outfit.

I remember the episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashian’s where Robert Kardashian expresses his new business venture to his family. Kim’s reply was ‘socks?’ followed by her pulling a very displeased face with her nose scrunched up.

I can see the wisdom in it now Kim.  There are so many sock brands ,Happy Socks, Nic Harry and Sexy Socks to name a few. Socks aren’t just something to wear to keep your toes warm anymore, it’s become a fashion statement. One of my favourite sock brands locally is Falke. If you haven’t heard of the brand yet do yourself a favour and have a look at their website here.

Falke is a German knitting company, however, the socks are produced here in SA. You can shop all kinds of socks from advanced sports socks, everyday sport (gold/cycling/arch support) to fashion socks for both men and women. Socks can be purchased online on the Falke site or from the Falke store in Cape Town.

Falke recently sent me some socks to add to my ever-growing collection since I am a sock junky. Here’s how I’d suggest you wear rock the sock trend with Falke:

Sheer socks:

These are my favourite socks to wear at the moment. The striped sheer Falke socks show off just the right amount of skin and is able to take your shoe game to another level.

Scrunched up socks:

This look works well to add a casual edge to your outfit. If you're wearing a jeans, you don't want your socks to reach the cuff of the jeans to make it look awkward. Instead scrunch the socks down towards your ankle and fold up the cuff of your jeans.

Socks with heels:

Whether you think its weird or not it is a trend. I love wearing socks and heels with minimal-look, knee-length dresses. This way the socks and heels together won't shock anyone who looks at you, instead it will be a welcome pop.


Adding a patterned sock to a shoe that you would not usually wear a sock with can add a new aesthetic to the shoe. You can almost guarantee that people will look down at your feet and ask: ''where are those from?'' As if they have not seen the shoe before.

I got in touch with local style icon and sock queen Yasmin Furmie  for some of her sock styling tips too. Here's what she had to say:

1) Have fun with prints - Yasmin suggested wearing a striped outfit with polka dot socks. 
2) Make use of your socks as a pop - Yasmin was wearing a plain black outfit when I met her with statement ''Stance'' socks as a wow factor.
3) The length of the socks are important - Yasmin says with shorter clothing items opt for long socks and with longer clothing items like culottes, a shorter sock will do.
4) Socks can be formal too - Yasmin's suggestion is to wear a pair of sheer socks with killer heels for a formal function.

Myself and Yasmin.

Our fashionable socks.

Believe it or not it was really difficult for Yasmin to give sock styling tips because it comes so naturally to her. She's a natural street style genius.

A special thanks to Yasmin for featuring in this post.

Photography by Lydia Wessels